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Rural Internet


8-10Mb upload
Installation cost 79€
Prices incl. VAT


15-20Mb upload
Installation cost 79€
Prices incl. VAT


20-25Mb upload
Installation cost 79€
Prices incl. VAT


25-30Mb upload
Installation cost 79€
Prices incl. VAT

Maximum speed
no cuts

The best rural internet service in Mallorca. No cuts, no more hassle. Wireless fibre speed!

The best price
in Mallorca

We have the best rates. We are fighting to eliminate the digital divide on our island so that everyone has the same facilities.

We are
the fastest

You can count on the confidence of a close, professional team that will resolve any incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is

We are your telecommunications operator in Palma de Mallorca. A local company that stands out for its rural internet with the capacity to provide wireless connection to more than 20,000 homes on the island.

We stand out for being pioneers in using the 5th generation Massive MIMO / Multi-user Beamforming, a system that multiplies the benefits that homes receive, making possible the best high-speed tariffs at the most competitive price together with a quality technical service that carries out an individualised follow-up of each customer, adapting to their needs.

Is the
connection stable?

Thanks to our 5th generation Massive MIMO / Multi-user Beamforming technology, you can forget about those annoying line drops and start enjoying a stable and fast connection in the field.

Is the speed

Yes, the contracted speed is reviewed with the customer before signing the contract with us.

Is there

Yes, there is a 7-month permanence at the signing of the contract.

How much of
an increase will I get?

Download/upload speeds are reported in each product/tariff.

Does it include the
technical assistance?

Yes, technical assistance is included in the service fee. Provided that the incident is real and is due to reasons attributable to us.


What is Wannahop?

Is the connection stable?

Is the speed real?

Is there permanence?

How much of an increase will I get?

Is technical assistance included?

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